Kazspetsremont, Ltd. offers the full range of professional engineering services in the sphere of industrial and civil construction, including but not limited to:

- Engineering survey activities;

- Examination of buildings and structures followed by report and recommendation;

- Designer supervision over construction and installation works, contract supervision, reconstruction and renovation works, operation of the facility.

Kazspetsremont, Ltd. is the accredited company with the right to perform expert services on technical inspection of buildings and structures reliability and stability at the technically and technologically complex facilities of the first and second levels of responsibility. All the specialists of the Company are Certified Professionals.

TECHNICAL INSPECTION OF BUILDINGS AND STRUCTURES is the procedure that allows estimating the Building Dilapidation and the condition of the structures at the very moment.

Engineering and Technical Inspection of the building is the complex and polycomponent task, that can be accomplished only by qualified specialists with the vast practical experience.

Do you need building or structure condition assessment or engineering and technical inspection of the constructions? Building Quality assessment or Structure Depreciation assessment? Probably you’d like to examine the new commercial facility? You’re welcome to contact the Team of Professionals at Kazspetsremont, Ltd. they are accredited and authorized for expert and engineering services.


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